We specialise in:


Fibre optic splicing

Trunk and backhaul networks demand very low splice loss, achieving quality results with fibre optic networks requires high skill, fastidiousness and quality equipment. TelcoSpec own five fibre splicing machines and four OTDRs, our equipment is amongst the most modern in New Zealand, we have staff who have been splicing fibre since 1985, so they know what they are doing, we are also constantly training staff and developing their skills and understanding of the medium.


Copper splicing

Copper may have had its heyday but there’s still plenty of it out there. Our splicers have the skills and we have all the gear to do the job right.


Telco Network design

With two experienced network designers … whether its fibre or copper, campus or external network we can design a solution to meet your requirements.


Cable hauling

Installing cables in ducts can be dirty and ugly but you’re in luck we have it covered, we have the right gear, we have the right staff and we have years of experience, copper, fibre or subduct we’ve done plenty.


Blown fibre

The installation of fibre optic cables by blowing them into ducts is not a new process but it has been revolutionized. Modern cable installation techniques are used to install 25mm,32mm or 40mm pe ducting, then conventional fibre optic cables are blown into the pe pipe. Typically, installing fibre by blowing places less stress on fibre cable than conventional hauling methods. TelcoSpec owns and operates some of the most modern cable blowing equipment in New Zealand. Huge high pressure high capacity air compressors do most of the work but the true skill lies with our vastly experienced staff who have installed many hundreds of kilometers of fibre cable by this method.


Microduct fibre installation

There are a number of manufacturers of microduct solutions, often microduct is used in campus environments, typically multiple 4mm and 10mm tubes are laid up in a cable sheath and multifibre bundles are blown in when needed. We have installed ericsson, emtelle and jetnet, we have blowers for 4mm and 10mm tubing.

   Splicing Machine

   Fibre Optic Microduct